Technical And Operating Resources

The links below go to technical articles, radio operating articles, websites, and other resources of interest to our club members. These are focused on topics that our members are likely to be interested in, high-quality tutorial web pages, and Colorado (and local) information.

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  • Contact our Elmers with a question via an email sent to:  wØtlm-elmer "at" wØ

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W0TLM Member Ham Radio Websites

Programming Files for Radios (Codeplugs)

The standard W0TLM frequency list includes many of the common 2m / 70cm simplex and repeater frequencies for our area.

Please bear in mind that some portions of these files may change.  You may want to rename and personalize necessary labels for your own radio.

Chirp radio programming software is available at:
If you encounter problems with Windows drivers, there is helpful info here.

New Rev 13 (18 May 2023)

Changed K0NR repeater to W0TLM repeater, added two memories for the W0TLM portable repeater, simplified the pdf file for easier reading, and reduced the number of simplex channels.

Human readable format
Excel format with frequency list (Sheet 1) and explanatory notes on second spreadsheet (Notes)
Yaesu FT-4XR file for use with Chirp
Yaesu FT-65R file for use with Chirp
Baofeng UV5R file for use with Chirp

Note that the manufacturers often change their radio firmware (especially Baofeng) so the file above may not match the revision of firmware in your radio. If so, a good approach is to use Chirp to download the existing radio programming, open the new programming file and do a copy-and-paste of the information into the existing radio file. This usually solves the firmware incompatibility issues.

Previous Revision

Here's the previous version of the files (Rev 12), in case we encounter any issues with the new files.

Human readable format
Excel file format with notes
Same as Excel file but without notes
Yaesu FT-4XR file for use with Chirp
Yaesu FT-65R file for use with Chirp
Baofeng UV-5R file for use with Chirp