Net Controls Needed
Summer time and the living is easy....for sure!
But please make time to volunteer for one session as net control to support your club.
To act as the net control station during our weekly net...
Please volunteer at this link.

If EACH member of the club would take ONE net per YEAR, we would have every net covered.
July 8 Need a Net Control
July 15 - No NET - Face to Face meeting
July 22-Need a Net Control
July 29-Need a Net Control

Our thanks to those who are volunteering to serve as Net Control Operators. We always need Net Control Operators, so please volunteer. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve your on-the-air skills. It is easy to sign up, just go to the Net Control signup page at the Club's website and follow the instructions. There is a simple script on the same page , bottom of the page, that is easy to follow. Info on the NØXLF and WØTLM repeater can be found on that page as well.   If you are into HF nets check this out: NetScraper.

Stephen (webmaster/host) has recently noted the W0TLM website is not behaving nicely with Safari. Other browsers are unaffected...

MEMBER BULLETIN  July 1, 2024  
Dear ARRL member,

Effective 12:00pm ET / 16:00 UTC we will be returning Logbook of The World® (LoTW®) to service.

As work progressed on the network, some users encountered LoTW opening briefly during which some 6600 logs were uploaded. The logs were not processed until this weekend as we tested that the interfaces to LoTW were functioning properly.

We are taking steps to help manage what will likely be a huge influx of logs. We are requesting that if you have large uploads, perhaps from contests or from a DXpedition, please wait a week or two before uploading to give LoTW a chance to catch up. We have also implemented a process to reject logs with excessive duplicates. Please do not upload your entire log to “ensure” your contacts are in LoTW as they will be rejected. Lastly, please do not call ARRL Headquarters to report issues you are having with LoTW. You can contact support at LoTW-help@arrl.org.

Through the end of the year, you may experience planned times when LoTW will be unavailable. We have been using this time to evaluate operational and infrastructure improvements we would like to make to LoTW. Those times will be announced.

We appreciate your patience as we worked through the challenges keeping LoTW from returning to service. We know the importance of LoTW to our members, and to the tens of thousands of LoTW users who are not ARRL members. LoTW, just behind QST, is our second most popular ARRL benefit.


Copyright © 2024 American Radio Relay League, Incorporated. Use and distribution of this publication, or any portion thereof, is permitted for non-commercial or educational purposes, with attribution. All other purposes require written permission.

Megafest PPRA   Megafest Table!!   
07/27/24  Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Radio Association - MEGAFEST 
WØTLM will have a table at Megafest this year!! We need 1 or 2 volunteers to set up and staff the table.  The club will pay for your admission as thank you for helping out.  Be an ambassador for our awesome club!  
Contact:  Tricia / K0TRD for more details or to sign up.  Tricia4wd@gmail.com

Next WØTLM VE test session 
The next session is scheduled for August 3rd at 10:30 a.m., also at the Monument Library. All license exams will be offered. Preregistration is required; Technician, General and Extra tests are available. 
Monument Library, 1706 Lake Woodmoor Dr.  Monument, CO 80132
Questions, details, sign-up


For anyone who is not familiar with DLARC...  you really should check it out: Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications is a library of materials and collections related to amateur radio and early communications. The DLARC is funded by a significant grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications, a private foundation, to create a digital library that documents, preserves, and provides open access to the history of this community.   
This free resource combines archived digitized print materials, born-digital content, websites, oral histories, personal collections, and other related records and publications. The goals of DLARC are both to document the history of amateur radio and to provide freely available educational resources for researchers, students, and the general public.
73 Bill WT0DX
Elmering (the best way for local Educational help) . We have a team of volunteers  providing help to those who request assistance. If you need help with anything, please reach out - w0tlm-elmer@w0tlm.org. .  Our Google Groups email system is also great for this purpose. If you have a question, please feel free to ask it - and remember: There are no stupid questions. If you have more than a question or two or would like to be paired with an Elmer, please let  us know and we'll do our best to connect you with someone who can help you. Contact w0tlm-elmer@w0tlm.org.

Check out our own website club presentations - WØTLM Presentations.  We have a tremendous array of presentations on numerous subjects.  If you find one that you need more info on just contact the Elmering crew below.   

And check out our own WØSTU- Stu who teaches the License classes and has the website "Ham Radio School".  Great educational program for new or upgraded licenses for acquaintances, friends, family--these sessions are a big fundraiser for the club, so spread the word out in your circles!

 Ready to upgrade your license!?!?  Ham Radio School is now offering Extra License Course online....

RM HAM University  - check out the offerings and sign up.


If you attend any of these events please send pics, links, reports--either real-time or post wrap up-- for inclusion in newsletter! Also if you know of an event that you think other members would enjoy, please submit.   kf0plu@gmail.com

 July 12 & 13, 2024  HamCon: Zion -2024  Host event for AARL Rocky Mountain Division Convention,  YLRL 85th Annual Convention and RV Radio Network 2024 Western Rally 
Two days of presentations, special events and dealer vendor showcase. 
Time:  9:00AM - 5:00PM Daily *Evening Special Events Scheduled after 5:00PM*
Location:  The Dixie Convention Center, 1835 Convention Center Drive, St. George, UT 84790   
Contact:   https://www.hamconzion.com/ 

SW Utah in July Anyone?? Coming up soon...

Rocky Mountain Division Convention – July 12-13
The 2024 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention is ‘just around the corner’: coming up July 12th & 13th in St. George UT. Close to beautiful Zion National Park in southwestern Utah, the convention will feature a great lineup of presentations and workshops with experts on a number of interesting and engaging topics within the amateur radio world. The event will also feature a commercial vendor expo hall, an indoor Swap Meet, a special event station, and a number of social and meetup events including special guest Gordon West.

If you're so inclined, hit the Narrows for slogging through water-filled slot canyons-(just up to your knees OR SO!!)!  One way to keep cool...  Also Sand Mountain OHV Area is nearby for those who would rather saddle up onto a motorized somethin'-0r-other.  So many options in that area!!

For more information and tickets, please visit the website at www.hamconzion.com.

July 20 & 21, 2024  Rally Colorado, an ARA (American Rally Association) event in Colorado; ham volunteers get training for rally safety support, free lodging, t-shirts, sandwich and Saturday night BBQ!!
More info on American Rally Association here     
Sign-up to volunteer here    
Watch for updated info here.

Time:  daily
Location:  Rangely, Colorado
Contact:  Paula N6OQQ, Chief of Communications, mpgibeault@gmail.com, 760-382-0821

07/27/24  Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Radio Association - MEGAFEST, an ARRL sanctioned event 
Time:  0800 to 1300  (Vendors 0600) Ticket sales 0730
Location:  Lewis-Palmer High School - 1300 Higby Rd, Monument, CO 80132  
Admission: $5.00   Table Rental:  To sign up for tables, entry or go here
Hourly Door Prizes!!  Raffle!!  Grand Prize: HF Go Kit ICOM IC-705 with custom backpack and Chameleon Modular Portable Antenna   
Contact:  More Megafest info here  or email megafest@ppraa.org or call Leianna N7ZOO at 719-271-2961.

8/25/24 Denver Radio Club HamFest 
Time:  9:00 AM to 1:00PM
Location:  Adams County Fairgrounds - 9775 Henderson Road in Brighton
Contact:  More Details here

8/31/24 Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club (AARC) 38th Annual Hamfest
Time:  7am to 3pm-ish
Location:  Otero County Fairgrounds, Alamagordo, NM
Info:  Link
Contact:  KI5RUS Rusty rjaskolo@gmail.com  / KB7SQF Rick rick@nmex.com

10/06/2024  BARCfest, Boulder Amateur Radio Club's  Amateur Radio Hamfest
Boulder County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building,   9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, just north of Hover Road and Nelson Road intersection.
Table Cost: $15.00   Admission: $5.00
 For information and the table reservation form, go to the BARC website www.qsl.net/w0dk,  Contact Debbie WB2DVT at 303-447-3183 or send an Email to barc70@arrl.net

 Solar Flare Alerts: Sign up for Space Weather Alerts and get instant text notifications when solar flares are underway.  There are numerous sites and ways to check and see where and what the chances are of that great contact.  One to check is W5MMW solar site info  Check it out.  Also this site provides solar data NØNBH.     
What's UP in the D-region? 

If you have pictures of a new product, hack, install, please share for this section!   kf0plu@gmail.com

If you attend an event and have pictures of want to submit an article or blurb about an activation or event, please share for this section!   
Yes we did Field day.  It is not a contest! -(for us)..... That said we had several stations on the air, showing their ability and making contacts.

Taking notes or pounding brass?
We are not old operaters either

A station tent? for digital ops i am sure.

Does this station go in and out of TRD for POTA too?

Would love pics from our Field Day!  Please send along for next newsletter or post to our Facebook page...
Home | W0TLM   Quick link bottom right of club homepage

Still looking for another editor for the newsletter to spread the load.  Please volunteer. We have also thought that someone with a more professional eye could make it more appealing.  Also Reporters are encouraged to send in pics of field events, builds, etc...  If you have an interest in such a worthy function let us know; Greg (W0GAS) is also willing to help train!


Please check the club website for clothing, calendar, Equipment Cache, Presentations, and other important links at: https://w0tlm.org

Club Support we take no dues but depend on donations and other means of building and keeping our operating budget so check out the website at WØTLM - About Us on how you can help.

Sign up to receive this Newsletter. We use Google Groups for our email list, which is the best way to stay in touch with the radio club activities: WØTLM mailing list and Google group. Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested in ham radio in general or our Club specifically. Each Week, we are posting the most recent version of the Update on the Club's website. For security reasons, some of the links have been removed. If you want the links you will need to sign up to be on our mailing list.

Zoom Invitation/Link for the Next Monthly Club Meeting. The link for the next monthly Club meeting and presentation (but not for Connect Time) is: https://w0tlm.org/w0tlm-club-meeting.  Connecting should be as easy as clicking the link. If you have your Zoom account set up you should be prompted to open your Zoom app. If you don't have a Zoom account, you will be prompted to permit Zoom to download. Once it has been downloaded, you will click the prompt to join the meeting. ZOOM HAS UPDATED ITS SETTINGS AND YOU MAY NOW BE PLACED IN A "WAITING ROOM" BEFORE JOINING THE CALL. PLEASE BE PATIENT, WE WILL BE WORKING TO MINIMIZE THE WAITING. Please check the lower left hand corner of the display to confirm that the video does NOT have a red line through it. Please also confirm that the microphone does have a red line through it. If you do not have a camera and microphone on your computer, you may still observe and listen in.  The steps are the same, except you do not need to adjust your microphone and camera. Finally, please change your "screen name to reflect your first and last name and call sign. We use this to determine who is attending.

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