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Oct 2023 W0TLM Tech Day 2023 - JS8Call

Curtis, KC5CW presents on a new digital mode called JS8Call

Slides: JS8Calltlm.pdf
KC5CW Curtis Hays
digital modes
May 2022 W0TLM May 2022 Club Meeting - All Things Digital

All Things Digital - a synopsis. Differences, advantages and disadvantages of DMR, D-Star, C4FM (Fusion). Speaker: Bill "Bucky" Buckwalter, WØSUN. Bill is a member of the Parker Radio Association and Co-Host of the Digital Learning Net, a weekly net on the SKYHUBLINK where they answer questions and discuss everything about Digital Ham Radio.

W0SUN Bill Buckwalter
DMR, D-Star, C4FM, Fusion, digital modes
Sep 2020 W0TLM September 2020 Club Meeting - VHF/UHF digital modes

Tim K4RA presents VHF/UHF digital modes. This presentation covers the basics of D-STAR, DMR, and C4FM/System Fusion. It's a broad overview (i.e., an inch deep and a mile wide) discussing the pluses and minuses of each format without getting into the weeds of how to program the different types of radios (each is different). He also explains how we connect the different digital formats together with a Mega site and how hot spots are used. This presentation helps members evaluate which digital radio will help them get on the air.

Slides: W0TLM Digital Radio Presentation[11340].pdf
K4RA Tim Romashko
DMR, VHF/UHF, digital modes
Feb 2019 W0TLM February 2019 Club Meeting - Using Winlink

Armstead, AE5OQ, presents on using the ham radio related email tool Winlink

Slides: winlink_powerpoint-ae5oq.pdf
AE5OQ Armstead Feland
WinLink, digital modes
Oct 2018 Digital Modes - WinLink

(This is a best guess at the actual presentation date.)
Anybody know better? -Stephen

Slides: winlink.pdf
KD0RQU Barry Brock
There is no video of this presentation.
digital modes, WinLink
Sep 2018 W0TLM September 2018 Club Meeting - Running FT-8

W0TLM September 2018 Club Meeting presentation by Shel KF0UR on the latest digital mode FT-8

Slides: FT8 Presentation.pdf
KF0UR Shel Radin
digital modes, FT-8
Mar 2017 DMR: The Fastest Growing Digital Format on VHF/UHF
Slides: dmr-w0tlm-meeting-presentation.pdf
K0NR Bob Witte
There is no video of this presentation.
DMR, VHF 2m, UHF 70cm, digital modes