Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
Nov 2023 W0TLM November 2023 Club Meeting - Raspberry Pi5

Chip, K0CHP, presents on the new Raspberry Pi 5 and other SBCs

Slides: Raspberry pi5.pdf
K0CHP Chip Fleming
sbc, Raspberry Pi
Mar 2021 W0TLM March 2021 Club Meeting - KM4ACK presents

Jason Oleham, KM4ACK, the creator of Build A Pi, discusses his experience as a ham and the genesis of the Build A Pi concept.

KM4ACK Jeff Oleham

no presentation for this meeting.  Interview Style format

Raspberry Pi, Build a Pi
Oct 2020 October 2020 W0TLM Club Meeting Presentation - Shack on a Pi

Loren, KE0HZ and Barry, KD0RQU, present on two Ham Radio based linux builds for the Raspberry Pi.  The two builds HamPi and Build a PI are built by fellow ham radio operators and provide a consolidated package of some of the most popular linux based ham radio software, everything from rig control like FLDIGI to APRS.  Join them for a quick run down on the packages, features and benefits.

Slides: HamPi W0TLM presentation 201018 ke0hz-kd0rqu.pdf
KE0HZ Loren Anderson
Linux, Raspberry Pi, HamPi, Build a Pi
Nov 2018 W0TLM November 2018 - Building an all star node using a raspberry PI

Jonathan, N0SLO, presents on building an all star node using a raspberry PI

N0SLO Jonathan Bluff
DMR, All-star, Raspberry Pi
Mar 2018 W0TLM Raspberry Pi Presentation March 2018

John Roach, KE0AHD, provides a detailed presentation on the raspberry pi and ham radio/home applications

Slides: Raspberry_Pi_Presentation.pdf
KE0AHD John Roach
Raspberry Pi, Shack