Date Description Presenter Youtube Video Topics
Apr 2023 Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Steve Brightman, KI5ENW, U.S. Technical Representative for SDRPlay presents an Introduction to Software Defined Radio

Slides: TriLakes0423.pdf
KI5ENW steve brightman
Nov 2022 W0TLM November 2022 Club Meeting Presentation - Software Defined Radio
Slides: SDR221121Final.pdf
KE0HZ Loren Anderson
May 2022 W0TLM Small group: SDR Basics and Examples

Learn about Software Defined Radio (SDR) with the objective of learning enough to get started with using and experimenting. You can expect this to be more interactive and, potentially, a deeper dive into the topic than we would do in a typical club meeting presentation. Don't be intimidated by the subject. You don't need an engineering degree or an Extra Class License

Slides: SDRSmallGroup.pdf
KEØHz Loren Anderson
Apr 2022 James Webb Telescope/Meshtastic Radios

Curtis Hays, KC5CW, provides a brief overview of the James Webb Telescope and his experience with the Meshtastic Radios.

KC5CW Curtis Hays
meshtastic, sdr